Kinesiology for Emotional Freedom

Did you know that Kinesiology can help you identify the self-limiting beliefs that stop you from getting more out of life?  Did you know that Kinesiology also provides you with the tools to address these beliefs and make friends with yourself so you can move forward in your life with freedom and vitality???

A lot of people associate kinesiology with testing for food intolerances and nutritional imbalances.  Kinesiology is great for these, but it also has a whole host of other techniques in the ‘toolkit’ that can help you to become ‘unstuck’.  In Chinese medicine there are different emotions, colours, foods, sounds associated with each organ so it makes sense that dealing with emotional blocks is central to feeling at ease in your body.

The muscle test (that you may be familiar with) is a test of the nervous system’s response to challenge.  The kinesiology techniques that I use allows me to test for balance in the organs.  When an organ is out of balance, I test to assess whether it needs nutritional or emotional support.     If nutritional support is required, I will find the nutrient that is needed; if emotional support is required, I will test to assess the best emotional support for this person, at this point in time.  Emotional support can include:

  • EFT (tapping acupressure points to release built up emotion, sometimes using affirmations),
  • NLP (stress release to reinforce positive neural pathways in the brain and weaken negative neural pathways),
  • ESR (Emotional Stress Release),
  • Flower remedies (Bach/Australian Bush Flowers/Desert Alchemy). 

Often a combination of these tools are used in one session, the muscle test is always my guide and the body will only take someone where they are ready to go so its important that I don’t make assumptions or try to impose my will at any point!

Case Study:

Jean (not her real name) came to me feeling reasonably well physically but with a history of anxiety, poor sleep and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  She was doing very well at work in a high-pressure environment, she wasn’t sure it was what she really wanted to do but couldn’t find the time or the headspace to explore other avenues or to enjoy more time with her friends and family. Jean was curious to try kinesiology as a friend had mentioned it, but she wasn’t really sure what to expect.

We started muscle testing and the first imbalance was around Jean’s adrenal glands; they appeared to be depleted which is not unusual for people with busy lives and/or a lot of stress.   The muscle test identified a vitamin supplement to balance Jean’s adrenal glands and we proceeded.

The second part of the session showed that Jean was carrying a lot of internalised anxiety. In Chinese medicine, the Kidneys and Bladder hold fear and anxiety; Jean’s Kidney ‘reflex’ was out of balance and the muscle test indicated that the cause was emotional.  Using a combination of muscle testing and discussion we established that Jean finds it difficult to ask for help and puts herself under huge pressure to achieve.  Even when she was overwhelmed with work and/or family commitments, she did not believe it was acceptable to let anyone know that this was the case and she would take on additional responsibility with a smile. 

Jean held herself to an incredibly high standard, she was often worried that she wouldn’t be able to complete all that she had taken on, but it also made it impossibly anxious for her to say no.   Much of this pattern stemmed from a much younger time so we used a combination of tapping and affirmation ‘I have permission ask for help and to prioritise my happiness’ to release the accumulated anxiety.  Jean committed to working with these affirmations and tapping for several days; we also identified a Bach remedy to support her in this work.

The next time I saw Jean she was sleeping a lot better, was less anxious and her digestion had greatly improved.  She had started giving herself permission to ask for help, and to say when she had enough on her plate, without feeling anxious.    She also noticed that she now had enough time and space to start thinking about what she wanted from life, rather than accommodating everyone else.  Jean has also started to see the onset of anxiety or digestive symptoms as a warning from her body that she’s putting herself under pressure and to make sure she’s allowing time for rest and recuperation, particularly when life is busy.

We have continued to work together to help Jean connect with what brings her joy and how to bring more of that into her life.  I’m excited to see where this will take her!

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