Break Free from Overwhelm

A course of 4 evening sessions, conducted over 5 weeks!

How would it be to feel more like ‘yourself’ – Steady, solid, grounded; even when life is challenging?  You can’t always change your external circumstances but you can change how you respond.

It is possible to free yourself from the ingrained, unhelpful patterns that contribute to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. You can learn to identify where you respond to the world from a place of contraction and stress and you can begin to create the space to breathe and see possibility. This course is for you if you would like to

  • experience more joy
  • feel more positive and open to possibility
  • feel like there’s time
  • improve your focus and decision making
  • sleep better

Inspired by my personal practice and 10+ years of clinical experience, this course is for anyone who would like to feel more at home in themselves, regardless of the ‘outer weather’.

You will learn and practice techniques to support yourself and stay steady and calm, especially in difficult times.  This is not a generic course; it is tailored to the needs of the people who participate.  I will use Kinesiology muscle testing to identify the tools that best support the members of the group; you will learn techniques to help you effect lasting positive change in your life.  Each session will also offer enhanced self-awareness, deep healing, relaxation and lasting change.   We will be a small group so I can pay close attention and offer maximum support. Areas of focus will include

  • getting out of your way – how to break patterns of self sabotage so you’re no longer feeding anxiety, frustration and irritability
  • healthy self-talk
  • learning how to make decisions that support your wellbeing
  • simple relaxation practices to promote better sleep and improved digestion
  • nutritional support

As with all of my work, personal responsibility is key – no-one can do this for you but if you’re willing to commit to the process you will be fully supported throughout and it is my sincere wish that you will complete this course feeling more empowered and at ease in yourself than when you started.

How it works

We will come together online in a small group , exploring a different theme each week. I will use muscle testing to identify how best to work with the energy of the group.  You will learn and practice simple tools that are unique to you and this particular group, at this particular time.  No two sessions will be the same….ever!  We will use some of the following techniques to address whatever blocks show up in a session:

  • EFT (tapping),
  • NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming),
  • ESR (Emotional Stress Release),
  • remedies to support the emotional work
  • relaxation techniques 


4 evening sessions that will take place on Wednesday evenings 7:00pm – 8:45pm across 5 weeks: 14th October, 21st October, 28th October, 11th November. 


The course will be delivered online via zoom.  Each session will be recorded and the recording will made available to participants for 2 weeks

Course material will be emailed to participants after each evening session.

How Much

The investment for the course is €190.

A non-refundable deposit of €50 guarantees your place.  The balance of payment is required at least 3 days before the course begins.


For more information, or to sign up please email me at  There is more information about how online workshops with Kinesiology work here