Remote Kinesiology? In Groups?

For some time now I’ve been mulling over ways to bring my clinic work to a wider audience.  There’s a limit to the number of people I can see individually, and demand continues to grow.  I have benefited hugely over the years from Kinesiology and I believe that this powerful work should be available to anyone who would like to experience the grounding and healing that comes from accessing your innate wisdom. 

I worked online with individuals during lockdown and then facilitated some online workshops with groups.  When I work remotely I muscle test myself as a surrogate for the energy of an individual or the energy of a group; I appreciate that this may seem like a strange concept but I think many of you who have worked with me in this way will attest to its efficacy and I’m always happy to explain!

Group work is a great way to reach more people, particularly as the energy of a group can amplify and carry a healing process – collective consciousness is a powerful thing! It seems appropriate to take this approach as we move closer to the age of Aquarius with its focus on group consciousness .

During the workshops I was inspired by the power of group energy to ground and hold the space, even on zoom!   We worked with a particular intention and I used remote muscle testing to access the wisdom of the group so we could identify blocks that related to our intention and how best to address them.  We carried out the balance/correction indicated by the muscle test and finished with a guided meditation to ground the work – meditation is a great way to finish as the subconscious mind is open to possibility.  Corrections can include tapping acupressure points, stress release techniques, affirmations, and remedies.

The feedback from these workshops has been great and I’m excited about the prospect of going deeper with small groups, working on specific topics.  It’s not magic, but it does feel a little bit magic when things start to change in your life 😉 

I have been working as a Kinesiologist for 10+ years, and teaching Yoga and meditation for 8+ years.  I feel this approach combines my personal practice, professional work, and training – including Diploma in Mindfulness in Relationship, Total Yoga Nidra Facilitators Course, 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training, Diploma in Kinesiology.  I’m SO looking forward to sharing this with you!

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