I have created a number of corporate packages to respond to the most popular requests from my corporate clients. I deliver these online and / or in their workplaces.

In addition to the packages described below, I am happy to develop bespoke courses for corporate clients.

Contact me to find out more about how I can help make your workplace happier, more relaxed and more productive.

Time Out to Reset Your Day

A series of 10 45-minute classes, delivered online.

Learn simple techniques that calm the nervous system, relax the mind, and reset your perspective.

Most of us lead busy lives, personally and professionally; and we often lack the tools to help us regularly pause and recalibrate.  Excessive busy-ness and always being ‘on’ can eventually lead to burnout and  a feeling of being constantly overwhelmed – which is detrimental at a personal and a collective level.  It can be very helpful to have a few ‘tools‘ to help us reset, find our centre and then move ahead with a lighter step.

Taught in a relaxed and accessible manner, this course is designed to teach simple, effective techniques that regulate breathing, calm the nervous system and give participants the space and time to pause and change their perspective on the day ahead. 

Each 45-minute session can be practised at a desk and includes the following:

  • Five-minute check-in and chat, Q&A if required.
  • 20 minutes of stretching and strengthening to energise the body.  Targeted practice to support different activities, e.g. walking / cycling / running is available on request.
  • 20 minutes of guided breathing practice, using Mindfulness and Yoga breathing techniques.  Three different practices are taught over the course of 10 weeks, giving participants the opportunity to explore what works for them.

Ideally, participants are at the class simultaneously, with the option to turn off video and mute during movement and meditation.  Classes are recorded and made available afterwards, allowing those in different time zones or with work commitments during a live session to participate in their own time.

Yoga and Meditation for Better Sleep

A series of five 45-minute classes, delivered online.

“Sleep deprivation is a global epidemic that is hurting us all on multiple levels” – Els van der Helm, sleep expert.

“Ireland is a sleep-deprived nation. Surveys show that only 20pc of us reckon we’re getting enough sleep and, in a poll of 14 countries, the Irish fell second only to the UK in terms of reporting poor sleep… According to a poll, 56pc of poor sleepers in Ireland cite stress as the main culprit in their lack of shut-eye” – Irish Independent, 2019.

Sleep is nature’s medicine and, when we are rested, we function better: we are more energised, more motivated, healthier and happier.  

While many of us would like to have more time for rest and would love to sleep better, the reality is that a huge proportion of adults don’t sleep well and / or don’t sleep enough. Research on more than 13,000 people by Laya Healthcare in 2018 showed that almost 80% of people are sleep-deprived.

This course is for anyone who would like to learn to sleep better and feel more rested, including people who think yoga isn’t for them and people who have practised yoga and are familiar with its benefits. 

The focus of each class is on deep relaxation – combining gentle movement, breathing practices and Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that promotes deep rest. In studies, one hour of Yoga Nidra has been proven to be as effective as three hours of deep sleep.  

Classes are designed to leave participants feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Classes are delivered online and recordings are made available after each class.  A recorded Yoga Nidra specifically for sleep is also made available to participants for home listening, before bed or during the night.