The Healing Power of Nature

I am writing this from a friend’s house in the hills of Co Wicklow, not far from Glendalough.  

Only a few hours ago, I was in the midst of the busy-ness of Dublin city, perfectly happy but also slightly on edge; not completely relaxed. 

Now, I am sitting at a window that overlooks leafy deciduous trees, marvelling at the variety of colours, all of which we call ‘green’.  I can see and hear a myriad of small birds swooping about and I feel content, calm and grateful.

Critical to Wellbeing

Being in remote places, close to an abundance of nature is not everyone’s thing; there are plenty of people who much prefer the buzz and convenience of city living. But I think that, since the recent COVID lock-down, we’re all agreed that access to some sort of green space is critical to our sense of wellbeing. 

Deep down, we ‘know’ that proximity to nature is hugely beneficial and this is borne out in many studies – even pictures of the natural world can regulate stress hormones, respiration, heart rate and sweating  – calming us down and sharpening our performance.

Spending time in nature is SO important… make sure to stop and appreciate it; remember to breathe deeply! 

Even if you can’t get out into a forest, lie on the grass in the park, place your hand on a tree trunk or just sit and watch as birds fly or flowers bloom and know that what surrounds you is as alive as you are.  

The natural world is a wonderful source of Prana/chi (life force) and it provides a free reset for your nervous system, nurturing all of your being!

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