I am always happy to receive feedback from my clients, and I’m delighted to have received many positive testimonials over my years working as a therapist.

“I am very happy to recommend kinesiology with Eithne. As someone recovering from long-term caring for my ill husband, who subsequently died, Eithne has helped me regain good health both physically and emotionally.

“The depth of emotional healing that Eithne has helped me achieve has come as a surprise to me as I didn’t realise that her healing work included this possibility. I am so glad to have found her.”

Marian O’Donnell Byrne, Co. Meath

“Eithne is a soul soother, an alchemist, therapist and big thinker. Her capacity to go deep, hold space and heal is sublime. And she does it with such panache and style that it always feels like I have spent time with a true and trusted friend, and leave lighter, with one more part of my being restored and respected.”

Siobhán O’Donnell, Dublin

“Eithne has been my kinesiologist for the past couple of years. I was originally introduced to her by a colleague at a time when I was in a heightened stressed state, both physically and mentally. I wanted to use a complementary therapy to support myself and Eithne’s kinesiology felt like a really great choice for me.

“I was and continue to be constantly blown away by Eithne and what she can tap into using kinesiology. She is an oasis of calm and her ability to get to the root of what my body is saying is incredible!

“I continue to visit Eithne on a monthly basis as a time out for myself, to see what’s going on inside my own body on a number of different levels, but also to spend time with a warm, kind and beautiful soul!”

Anne Marie Lowry, Dublin

“I’m so grateful to have Eithne on my ‘team’ to support me in life and business as I navigate my own personal growth and that of my business. Eithne lovingly supports me to identify, release and clear blocks that I haven’t been able to see for myself that have been holding me back in my life and business.

“I have recommended Eithne to so many people as I have benefited tremendously from working with her both in person and online. If you are feeling stuck, confused, a little directionless or things are not moving how you’d like [them] to be, I’d highly recommend working with Eithne to support you.”

Patricia Lohan, Ubud / Dublin

“I cannot recommend Eithne more highly. I came to her feeling unwell physically and emotionally, unsure of how to find a path back to wellness. Eithne’s approach has been holistic and intuitive, more than that she has instilled within me a belief in my ability to restore my wellness.”

Emma Zara O’Brien, Dublin

“Eithne Kennedy is a gift. I highly recommend working with her. She is kind, intuitive and very talented. I don’t always understand the alchemy that happens during my sessions but I can be sure some magic will always unfold when we work together. I always have an interesting realisation or a deep healing after a session and leave more clear, grounded and in alignment.”

Kate Gaffey, Dublin 8

“Eithne was recommended to me by a friend and I first visited her in February 2018. I had been struggling with chronic fatigue since August 2016, which my doctors had attributed to a bout of colitis and a viral infection. Although I had recovered from both illnesses I could not shake the fatigue.

“I knew nothing about kinesiology but from our first meeting I was reassured by Eithne’s warmth and grounded-ness and felt confident that she could help me. Over a series of sessions and using a combination of techniques, Eithne identified physiological weaknesses in my body which she healed through kinesiology techniques and prescribed remedies. 

“Eithne helped me to understand the strong bodily responses to psychological issues, which contributed to my ongoing fatigue. Using her unique empathetic sense, she has also identified and teased out anxieties and issues which have held me back for years and she has equipped me with strategies to address these problems and move forward.

“My fatigue issues have largely subsided and I am hugely grateful to Eithne for her incredible insight, healing and support.”

Lizzie Downes, Dublin

“The very high praise I heard about Eithne Kennedy’s work sounded like an exaggeration, she was described to me in a way which at the time sounded almost mystical, definitely too good to be true.

“On meeting Eithne, I was greeted by a professional, grounded presence, who didn’t seem at all like what had been described to me. However, the praise I heard was far from an exaggeration: this kind of work is something which really needs to be experienced to be understood. If you are drawn towards it go, as you will have your own unique experience.

“My medical complaint on my first visit to Eithne was vertigo and migraines, which happened following on from a road traffic accident. Eithne works holistically, as on the surface there is a physical illness, yet each illness has layers which takes time, patience, commitment and an open mind to heal fully.

“Eithne has been a catalyst in my journey of health and healing in a way I never expected and honestly can’t explain. I have been a client of hers for three years and recommended her work to many friends. I’m so grateful for the work that she does and her commitment to it.

“It sounds clichéd, but I cannot recommend Eithne highly enough. If you are reading this and are unsure, my advice is go, go with an open heart and mind – you will be very glad you did.”

Georgie Browne, Kildare

I’ve been a Client of Eithne’s for 5 years now.   During those years I’ve experienced first-hand her gift for helping you get to the root cause of any physical or emotional issue and guide you towards peace and resolution.  You can talk to Eithne about any problem and she’ll have something in her ‘kinesiology toolkit’ To get you back into balance again.  If you’re thinking about contacting her for an appointment… talk to her today!

Peter Brennan, Dublin

I have been attending Eithne for over 6 months. I started out trying to find answers to aliments I couldn’t explain. Her thoughtful questioning and careful and gentle approach made me feel at ease instantly…and soon we began to hear and listen to the messages my body was telling me. Her skill and experience has a natural effortlessness about it… and the trust and confidence I have in her has only grown. Her remedies and solutions are always on point.. so even when I can’t find the words to say what’s going on…she helps my body translate them into something meaningful and actionable…I’ve continued to go from strength to strength learning and changing and evolving and healing…all with Eithne’s help. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Aisling Nic Cathraigh, Co Wicklow

I suffered with many physical and emotional issues such as fatigue, digestive issues, in tolerances and limited beliefs, that prevented me from reaching my goals.  Eithne worked with me to identify why these symptoms came about in the first place as well as linking  what my system needed as support so that my body could heal itself.  I saw immediate and long term improvements after each session and would highly recommend a session with Eithne.

Amanda Beirne, Dublin